Hey y'all 👋 Welcome to my monthly shipping log!

A quick intro: I'm currently a student at Pomona College studying physics and media studies, but I'm a builder at heart. I worked as a software engineer in my gap year, I'm constantly working on side projects, and I churn out blog posts about the people and ideas I want to remember.

This newsletter is my way to document what I create and share it with the world. It's a vehicle for my own reflection and intentionality, and an attempt to build an audience around my work, a personal community of those with similar values and interests. (You should join this community!)

Here's what you can expect:

  • webapps and apps, especially personal knowledge management and writing tools, ex. Postulate, Updately, Question Journal

  • writing about media, culture, critical theory, and liberation politics, ex. Stuart Hall's

  • writing about personal frameworks and experiences, ex. sth, sth, sth

  • other random projects, ex. building a bookshelf

If these sound like things you'd be interested in, subscribe and see what I'm working on each month!

~ Samson

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Samson Zhang

Media Studies + Physics @ Pomona College editor @ theyappie.com building postulate.us, updately.us, and other projects on the web